Here comes another remake of a popular Korean Drama from GMA 7, Endless Love: Autumn Tale (or popularly known as Autumn In My Heart).


Johnny and Jenny grew up as siblings. Little did they know, that Jenny came from a different family as there was a mixed up at the hospital where she was born. The switch came to light when Jenny was involved in a car accident and it was discovered that her blood type was different from her parents. Jenny’s life took a complete turn when the two girls were returned to their respective families. After what happened, Johnny’s family decided to go to America, and Jenny was left living in a sordid condition with her real family in Philippines. Years after, Johnny returned to the country and by chance the two former siblings were reunited.


***** I’m not so sure if the role of Jenny suits Marian Rivera because I have an image of her of a “palengkera(someone who has a loud voice, non-stop on talking). It would have been better if they casted her as Jessie in the Filipino Remake of Full House (though I think Heart Evangelista did an okay job) and gave Heart the role of Jenny. I can’t imagine her crying (and when she cries, it reminds me of her role in Marimar. MEANING: She can’t get off of her role).

Dingdong Dantes as Johnny is just okay… His role as Cholo in the Filipino Remake of Stairway to Heaven is… mediocre?

Dennis Trillo is also fine for the role of Andrew but he sure needs to work on his acting for this. He is handsome (I just realized that he looks like Tik Jesdaporn Pholdee <3) and so I think he can pull it off.

Nadine Samonte as Shirley is a good decision and I have seen her as an antagonist so I think she can give justice to the role.

As for Bella Padilla? I don’t know. I have seen her in ABS-CBN before and she resembles Bea Alonzo. Good luck on her though. Since I haven’t seen her act, its a good thing for a newbie to join the cast.

Good luck on the cast! I don’t see any hype on this but they should still do their best. I’m actually looking forward to the kids who will play the young Johnny and the young Jenny.


Please, DongYan fans, if you’re just going to bash me because of what I said, then don’t comment on this post at all.


EDIT: I’m laughing my ass right now because of this one comment I got XDDD I’m still thinking if I should approve it or not. I like his/her name though, STUPID XDDD Did I say something wrong in this post? I’m just stating an opinion >:) OKAY! I’ll approve it then 😛